Window security: what key features?

Window security

When you change windows , you can choose to equip them with options and accessories, with the aim of improving their thermal, acoustic or safety performance. Safety is your priority? Here are some tips that will allow you to strengthen the resistance of your joinery ! The key: better protection of people against domestic accidents (openings of windows, injuries, etc.), as well as better protection of your home against intrusion attempts (burglary, vandalism, etc.).

Securing your windows for the protection of people

On a daily basis, domestic accidents related to carpentry are real: defenestration, injuries in the event of broken glass… Fortunately, solutions allow you to reinforce the safety of people – and in particular children – within your home!

The outer pane of laminated glazing is made up of plastic films (called PVB films), which are both resistant and elastic. Thus, this process makes the laminated glazing thicker than standard double glazing, and above all, extremely resistant in the event of impact or collision with a person!

In this case, the glazing with a thickness of 44.2/16/4 is a benchmark in terms of personal protection. According to standard EN 356, the latter is classified P2A , knowing that laminated glazing of class P1A to P5A, and class P6B to P8B are the models offering the best degree of safety.

→ NB: For comparison, standard double glazing is generally 4/16/4 thick . The first number corresponds to the thickness of the first pane, the second number to the thickness of the air or gas layer separating the two panes, and the third number to the thickness of the second pane (the thicknesses being expressed in millimetres).

differences between laminated glazing and double glazing

Due to its high degree of security, laminated glazing is therefore required by most insurance companies*, in particular in the cases below:

On windows located on the ground floor and overlooking the public thoroughfare (particularly if they do not include blackouts ).

On the windows of the upper floors descending to the ground .

On the windows of buildings open to the public .

*Otherwise, your insurance company may refuse to compensate you in the event of a break-in, act of vandalism, or apply deductibles.

Window stays, an ideal safety system for children

To ventilate your home without having to open your windows completely, you can equip your windows with door openers (or opening limiters), chain or rod.

Particularly useful for ensuring the safety of your windows on the ground floor, they prevent young children from slipping through the window opening, provided you take the following two precautions:

Security bars, or how to secure an open window

The guardrail and the grab bar are fall protection elements. Placed on the exterior part of the joinery, they mainly prevent the risk of defenestration .

Offered in different materials and in different aesthetic forms, they play a role that is both decorative and safe .

If the spandrel measures less than 90 cm (height between the ground and the window).

If the window descends to the ground : in this case, the protective barrier must be positioned at least 1 m from the ground.

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