The best solutions to protect your new home by smart doors

smart doors

Did you know that at the beginning of summer most people move or sell their house? Or have you recently purchased rental accommodation that you would like to secure? It is very important to ensure that your new property is protected to the maximum, for your family, or for your future tenants!

Home security is a subject that concerns us all, but on which we do not dwell enough. Fortunately, you no longer need to worry about being safe at home! We’ve created a list of helpful safety tips, to assure all new homeowners that their home is fully equipped to protect the people and things they care about.

Change the locks on your new home

What is the first step when moving in? Change the locks! The previous owners probably gave spare keys to many people who needed them. This means that when you move in, you have no idea who has the keys to your house. Changing the locks can take your time, but it’s essential, so why not use this opportunity to have smart locks installed?

Discover the Linus smart door lock

Save money and gain security with connected lighting

What’s more annoying than being stuck outside in the dark looking for your keys that have fallen to the bottom of your bag? Make a warm welcome by pairing Linus® with Philips Hue smart lights to program your lights to turn on the moment you open your door.

Impress your new neighbors and guests by welcoming them to your new lighted, automated entryway, and with a door that automatically opens when you arrive! Connected lighting can also be programmed to turn the lights on and off when you want, to mislead the curious and make them believe that you are at home, which will make your home even more secure.

When you arrive in a new home, it’s not uncommon to forget to turn off the lights, which can rack up an astronomical electricity bill. Linus® is a simple and economical solution!

Schedule your lights to turn off when you go out, and lock your door automatically thanks to the collaboration between Linus and Philips Hue smart lights. Convenient if you want to save money, while simplifying your life when you leave home!

Keep your doors constantly closed

Did you know that it is important to keep your doors constantly closed, even when you are at home? There is nothing simpler and safer to protect your family.

Don’t leave your keys lying around anymore

We’ve all come home after a big day, and thoughtlessly throwing our keys at the first piece of furniture we find on entering. But leaving your keys within sight makes your home an easy target for burglars, and your valuables are at risk of being stolen. Keeping your keys in a safe place is an easy way to counter this, but wouldn’t it be even easier if you didn’t have any physical keys left?

Invest in a quality alarm system

Buying a house is the perfect opportunity to think about its security. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to equip your home with a connected alarm  ! The Yale SR connected alarm is easy to install and is fully controllable via the Yale Home app. It can also be combined with up to 40 accessories to form a fully customizable home security system.

And for added protection, you can also install Yale smart cameras. Yale’s outdoor smart cameras are programmable to monitor specific areas of your home or rental property, such as gardens, garages and outdoor buildings. Indoor cameras can also be added to enhance the security of your home, all without any monthly fees.

Have you checked the security of your outdoor buildings, such as your sheds or outbuildings?

Yale’s range of standard, high and maximum security padlocks will help keep your belongings safe, as they feature different levels of security to meet your every need. Yale high security padlocks are also waterproof and resistant to any weather. Come rain or shine, you can be sure that your outdoor furniture will be perfectly protected.

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