How to insulate your windows? : 6 key tips

insulate your windows

Do you have an unpleasant feeling of cold and humidity in your home, despite the heating? The problem may be yourWindows! If you notice condensation on the tiles or feel drafts, your openings certainly have a lack of sealing and insulation.

Therefore, insulating the glazed walls of a dwelling (windows, bay windows, French windows or Velux windows) is an effective way tosave energy,while benefiting from better living comfort and good soundproofing. Indeed, your windows can be the source of significant heat loss , especially if they are old or have single glazing . Without further ado, discover our 6 tips for insulating your windows, whatever your budget!

1) Install curtains, or how to insulate your windows without changing them

If you do not want to engage in heavy work or replace your windows current for budgetary reasons, know that many techniques allow you to isolate them without changing them… But provided that they are in good condition!

For example, you can install thermal curtains , which will serve as a barrier against the cold and drafts. Simple to set up, this solution is however not the most effective.

Yourshutterscurrent ones are damaged? Replace them with PVC rolling shutters ! The latter are more insulating than casement shutters, and obviously more efficient than curtains.blackoutand thermals.

2) Change the insulation joints to seal the air that passes

Over the years, caulking gaskets can wear out and no longer insulate properly, whether they are silicone, metal, foam or rubber. Changing this putty will allow you to caulk your opening, to guarantee it again a good seal against water, air and cold.

Easy to install and inexpensive, the joints are generally sold in rolls of various colors and thicknesses. Choose the ones that will best suit your current window model, in wood, PVC or aluminum.

3) Add an additional window

Depending on the type of facade of your home, and after checking the feasibility of the project with the condominium and thePLU (Local Urban Plan), you may be able to install a second window . It can be installed in front of your existing window with an opening to the outside, or behind it, with an opening to the inside.

The space between these two openings will then serve as natural insulation. On the other hand, the latter can have a greenhouse effect if the windows are oriented to the south: this is why it is preferable to opt for this solution if your current window is exposed to the north.

4) Install overglazing

Being able to cause bridges and thermal leaks, single glazing does not guarantee optimal insulation.

If your current windows have them, be aware that you can add overglazing to them. With this in mind, you have two options:

Stick a plastic overglazing film on the interior or exterior opening of your window. Easy to install, economical and transparent, this insulating film offers protection against cold, heat and ultraviolet rays. Not very resistant, it will nevertheless have to be changed regularly.

Install a second glazing of at least 6 mm on the current opening, whether wood, aluminum or PVC.

5) Replace single with double or triple glazing

In adouble glazing, the two walls are separated from each other by a 16 mm air gap filled with an insulating gas (“aragon”). Results: the latter reduces heat loss by 40% compared to single glazing, and by 60% in the case of triple glazing .

More efficient, but also more expensive, triple glazing is profitable only in the coldest regions, or located at high altitude.

6) In part or in full, how to replace old windows?

The replacement of your openings, like that of single glazing, must be carried out by a qualified professional.

Certainly more expensive work, but which entitles you to state aid under certain conditions: the choice of an approved company RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment), manufacturing materials with high energy performance…

Therefore, if you choose to have your openings replaced, two elements must be taken into consideration:

Equipment: rather than wood (aesthetic, but not very insulating), we advise you to opt for PVC or aluminum window models , equipped with double or triple glazing.

The type of operation: replacement in renovation , aiming to replace only the frame, or total removal , consisting in completely removing the window (frame, openings and glazing) to install a new one .

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