What are Marble Finish Decorative Laminates?

Decorative Laminates

Marble finish decorative laminates are becoming popular day by day and have become a trend to go for laminate sheets when it comes to interior design. Its marble finish laminate helps to give a perfect shiny look to the place. People are choosing laminates not only because it looks amazing, but also because it has advantages.

These marble-finish decorative laminates are available in a variety of finishes. For instance, glossy finish, matte finish, texture, and basic finish. Generally, marble finish laminates are used and seen in houses. It is suitable for any room from the kitchen to the living room. Since it looks so rich and classy, many commercial places, restaurants, and hotels have included laminates as their interior space. 

What are laminates?

If you are someone new to the world of interiors, terms like laminate can be new for you. Laminate is a popular thin sheet layering that is done by applying multiple layers on plywood, wooden furniture, walls, and countertops to achieve a smooth and classy look. Generally, laminate sheets are widely used in residential and commercial places as a finishing touch for wooden furniture, wall panels, and kitchen cabinets.

Advantages of laminates:

  1. Appearance – laminates look great and immediately add a luxurious feel to any room. It doesn’t look extra but stylish and modern.
  2. Durable – laminates are built in such a way that they last for decades. They are moist-free and can’t be torn apart easily.
  3. Easy maintenance – as laminates are smooth surfaces, it’s easy to clean and maintain.
  4. Easy installation – laminates are easy to install, and one doesn’t need to worry about finishing details.

What are decorative laminates?

Laminates are categorized into different types based on how they have been manufactured, and used, and their characteristics. In this article, we are mainly focusing on decorative laminates.

So, decorative laminates are popular for their naturally appealing appearance and are available in different varieties of patterns, colours, and finishes. The thickness of this type of laminate is around 1 mm. As they are famous for their elegant look, they are mainly used for doing ornamental overlays on wooden furniture. It is also used as a decorative finish and protective of the surface. The appealing look of this laminate has increased its demand for furniture designs including doors and shelves.

Nowadays, people are in favor of picking marble finish decorative laminates, this particular choice has increased the demand for marble finish in the market. Finished marbles have their charm and advantages. Those laminates add definitions by giving the glossy finish which ultimately makes any space a royal one. When marbles are polished it appears much more lively.

When to go for laminate finishes?

Marble finish decorative laminates give an aesthetic, charming, shiny look to the interiors within budget and low installation and maintenance cost and effect. Decorative laminates like high glossy laminates and marble finish laminate are ideal for the interior. Especially those places where there are chances of tears and wear. For instance, the kitchen, living room, and commercial spaces.

These types of laminates are available in numerous realistic silk smooth textures, clean looks, and high gloss surface finish. If you are considering it for residential or commercial places, it’s a great option to go for.


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