How to choose the right front door? 5 questions to ask yourself

right front door

Main passage giving access to your house, the front door must meet many criteria. Aesthetics, in order to be in accordance with your tastes as well as the design of your home. But also the insulation, since it delimits the interior of your home with the exterior.

Another important element is security, to protect you from break-ins. Just as many criteria that differentiate the entrance door from the classic interior door. So how to choose it taking them all into account? Follow the leader !

PVC, aluminium, wood… Which material to choose for your house door?

As with any joinery, the first step is to choose the material you want. This determines the performance , the aesthetics and the price of your future entrance door purchase .

PVC entrance door: efficient insulation

PVC is an often popular material for entrance doors. For good reason, its thermal and sound insulation is excellent, 25% higher than aluminium. In addition, it is the one with the best quality/price ratio because of its low cost and its longevity. Indeed, the latter costs on average 30% less than an aluminum door!

Aluminum entrance door: design and modern

Turning to aluminum means choosing an elegant and high- performance front door ! Although more expensive, it is a high-end material that combines many advantages.

Stainless and solid, it has increased resistance to bad weather and effectively protects your home from intrusions. Indeed, it does not break under the effect of a shock, but deforms. Their safety is all the higher as aluminum entrance doors are incombustible.

Regarding their insulation, the thermal conductivity of aluminum is counterbalanced by thermal bridge breakers incorporated directly into the structure.

Wooden entrance door: a timeless choice

Wood is a material that is both natural and resistant , fully meeting the main criteria for an entrance door. It offers very good insulation and high resistance to break-ins, thus protecting your home.

The latter has the advantage of being available in many shades and finishes depending on the species chosen: exotic, oakā€¦ For an always authentic result!

Its major drawback lies in its maintenance. Indeed, to maintain optimal performance, a wooden door must be regularly treated, varnished and/or painted. This maintenance protects it against moisture, mold and insects. It also aims to preserve the aesthetics of wood.

The AEV classification (Air, Water, Wind) assesses the level of weather resistance of your joinery. This is another important criterion that should guide your choice.

What is the best door: solid, glazed or semi-glazed?

The door is an opportunity to bring character and style to your entrance. Whether it is glazed or not, the best choice is above all the one that best meets your needs in terms of brightness and safety.

The full door : it gives a feeling of security by having no view to the outside. If it is perfect for an apartment, it limits the supply of light and the entrance is therefore darker.

The semi-glazed door : it is the right compromise between the full door and the glass. Its glazing allows light to be brought in while providing a certain feeling of security.

The glass door : this is the best choice for maximum brightness. Glazing is also a way to style your entrance. Of course, the latter is secured against break-ins. Depending on the model, it can even solidify the whole thing, for a supply of light in complete safety.

Security, an important element of the exterior door

Protecting the main access to your home is a point that should not be overlooked! Beyond the chosen material, which already has its own level of security, the type of lock selected is an important criterion. Many options are also available to increase your safety.

The different types of locks and handles for a custom door

The manual lock with a key is the most basic, but its level of security is also the weakest. However, other systems exist to protect the entrance to your home.

The multipoint lock with hooks : it is the most secure because it distributes the different closing points over the height of the door. These must be at least 3. This system is now used on most entrance doors. With a turn of the key, the entire security system is locked.

Remote monitoring, an additional security device

In addition to the security options, know that you can install a remote monitoring device in your home! With this in mind, equipment such as the alarm siren, motion detector or camera are installed in your home and connected to a 24-hour monitoring center . They thus allow you a remote protection , even in your absence.

How does remote monitoring work? During a break-in, the photos and videos are instantly transmitted to the agents of the surveillance center so that they can warn the emergency or security services.

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