Eco-renovating your home: why is it essential?

Eco-renovating your home

Energy renovation, also called eco-renovation, is all work aimed at reducing the energy consumption of a home. They may relate to the installation of a new heating system (boilers,heat pumpsetc.), installation of ventilation systems,insulation workor the installation of control systems. An eco-renovated house is a house with many advantages. We have listed the 5 good reasons to carry out energy renovation work at your home!

1) Lower your energy bills thanks to eco-renovation

Properly insulate your home, installing a more economical and efficient boiler or choosing a heat pump, there are many options that can reduce your energy consumption.

A revalued consumption will significantly reduce your monthly expenses. Associated with good gestures such asreduce water consumptionor monitor your heating consumption using smalldaily gestures and tips, theenergy renovationcan save you a lot of money on your heating bills.

For example, a detached house in the rules of the art is a house that will save you about 30% on your bills. Also, if you choose to install a heat pump since a heat pump produces 3 kWh of energy for a consumption of 1 kWh of electricity. That is to say that you divide your energy consumption by 3 .

The eco-renovation of your home can also be done through small investments such as a programmable thermostat. It will also allow you to save 15% per year on your heating bill.

2) Ecological renovation: optimal thermal comfort at home

In addition to making financial savings, your home will be more pleasant after energy renovation work.

Eco-renovation will improve your well-being in your home. Thanks to its thermal performance, it will optimize the interior temperature of your home. A dwelling insulated according to the standards in force and/or composed of more efficient heating equipment, is a more comfortable and pleasant dwelling.

After performing aEnergy performance diagnostic, it is essential toinsulate the surfaces of your homethrough which air losses are greatest. This will keep your home warmer in the winter. Good insulation will also allow your home to keep its walls very cold in summer.

3) Eco-citizen behavior

Owning or renting an environment-friendly accommodation is an eco-citizen gesture. Not only are you saving money through lower energy consumption, you’re also doing the planet a favor. Your energy consumption being controlled, you limit gas emissions.

Other daily eco-gestures can help you reduce your energy consumption. Like lowering the heating by just 1 degree, this allows energy savings of 7% .

4) A project supported by state financial aid

Whatever your situation, there are several cumulative aids implemented to support you financially in your eco-renovation project.

MaPrimeRénov’, this aid is subject toincome limits. It will be granted to you provided that your work concerns the installation of a heat pump (air/water and air/air), very high performance gas boilers, pellet boiler, thermodynamic water heater, pellet stoves or oil tank removal.

CEE are energy saving certificates issued by your energy supplier such as EDF, for example. There are several eco-bonuses such as theInsulation Boost at 1€which concerns thelost atticand thelow floors,CEE for Global Renovationor the premiumHeating boost.

You can also use thezero rate eco-loan(Eco-PTZ). It allows you to benefit from a loan of a maximum amount of €50,000 to carry out energy works.

The5.5% VAT, to carry out your eco-renovation work, you can benefit from a reduced VAT rate. These must be carried out in your main residence.

Certain local subsidies

To benefit from theserenovation assistance programsput in place by the State, it is mandatory to call on RGE qualified professionals (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment).

5) An increase in the heritage value of your home

When selling a property, it has become mandatory since 2011 to display its energy performance. The energy renovation of your home will add considerable value to it. It will allow you to resell it in the best conditions. Aenergy-efficient housingis a guarantee of quality for potential buyers and an eco-renovated home can be sold for up to 20% more expensive per m² .

Thus, carrying out energy renovation work such as changing your boiler or installing a heat pump or insulating your house is an investment that will quickly pay for itself. You will realize long-term savings and live in a healthier and more pleasant place to live, all while acting for the planet. Do not hesitate any longer and contact our experts, they will guide you towards the solutions best suited to your needs!

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