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Are you thinking of renovating the interior of your apartment or house? This raises the question of changing your interior doors. For this type of carpentry, wood is generally preferred rather than other materials such as PVC or aluminum, which are more suitable for windows or garage doors. However, there are many products in store. So how do you choose your wooden interior doors? Find out what influences the price of an interior wooden door.

The characteristics of an interior wooden door

Wood is often appreciated indoors because it is a material that gives style and warmth . With a simple and neat aesthetic, this natural material brings character to interiors.

The models of interior wooden doors are available in different species (fir, pine, birch, oak, and beech) with various shades of color . Thus, wooden doorsets fit well in all types of decoration. For a more neutral design, it is also possible to paint the wooden doors in white or in color.

Solid wood , in particular, has significant properties in an interior. It is mainly appreciated for its thermal and sound insulation . Finally, the interior wooden door is impact resistant.

The disadvantages of an interior wooden door

However, wooden doorsets require more maintenance than those made of aluminum or PVC. They have a poor resistance to humidity and tend to swell on contact with water. The appearance of wooden doors can also tarnish over time. In addition, entry-level models can also be quite fragile.

the door frame , that is to say the frame of the door which is fixed to the partition or the wall;

the door leaf (or the leaves in the case of a double door).

The price of an interior wooden door set varies depending on the product feature list. Are distinguished in particular:

Price of an interior door according to the type of wood

There are many models of interior wooden doors. The main difference is in the type and amount of wood used. The least expensive interior wood doorsets are wood -faced doors .

Isoplane doors

In the family of wood facing doors, isoplane doors are favorites for small purses . The leaf of this type of door is usually made of a honeycomb core. Then, a thin layer of wooden facing (beech, oak or other) is laid on the surface. The isoplane door has a very simple style, with a smooth and full surface. On the budget side, the price of an isoplane door ranges from 20 to 110 euros (without installation).

Postformed doors

The postformed door is another type of veneered interior door. This is a more elaborate product. This time, the leaf is formed under pressure to reveal moldings . This type of door offers better thermal and acoustic insulation. Count between 30 and 360 euros (excluding installation) for a postformed door.

Solid wood doors

Solid wood doors are made entirely of solid wood. Different wood species can be used, including oak or fir. Depending on the species chosen, plan a budget of 90 to 500 euros for a solid wood door (excluding installation).

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